Funky Box Studio goes on vacation!

Funky Box Studio and the people behind it are (finally!) going on vacation!

funky box studio on vacationIt’s been a full first half of year and the second one seems to be even busier. That’s why we decided to recharge our batteries and relax and take a break and go at the seaside and get our skins burnt in the sun and lose sleep because of it and... Oh, wait! Scratch that last part!

Anyway, Funky Box Studio really deserves a break, but we have tons of things prepared for when we get back: new boxes, the gift tags and price tags (finally will be listed), new paper goods for weddings and other special events, facebook page (finally!) and lots of other plans!

Even though i said i didn’t want to see August’s statistics because it’s going to be compromised and all, we actually already had 3 sales this month! Which is fantastic and for which we’re deeply grateful! I’ve already told the story for the first one, but i’ll probably talk about the other two when i get back.

See you again in two weeks!

Funky Box Studio wishes you a colorful day!


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