[Etsy Treasury] Geometry, symmetry…

The Etsy treasury i’ve created … yesterday actually, is a geometrical treasury. Not only will you find fine lines and shapes, but you’ll also see cute colors as well! I think i’m starting to get better at creating treasuries… or maybe i’m just biased! Hehe! Well here’s the lovely geometrical treasury!


You can find this treasury here: click!

Personally, i’m in love with each and every one of the items i’ve picked for this treasury! It actually started from the wonderful SPS Team that i’m a proud member of. This treasury is part of one of the games you’ll find there. For more fun and games, check this team out!

Don’t forget about July’s kraft promotion! Check out the details here – click!

Funky Box Studio wishes you a colorful day!

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2 thoughts on “[Etsy Treasury] Geometry, symmetry…

    • Oh i’m glad you like it! Since it’s wordpress, there’s pretty much no other way (that i know of) than to use print screen and then take the image here. 🙂

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