[Etsy Treasury] Etsy team “Let’s support and promote each other” bundle of treasuries

Etsy teams are incredibly important for any seller. Of course, for promoting your shop and items, but an equally important reason is knowledge and information.

Personally, i’m part of lots of teams and each one is special in its own way. However, one thing that’s common for all teams is kind and supportive team members. They’ll answer whatever questions you might have and they’ll shed some light on things you don’t understand or know yet, they’ll be happy with you for your sales (!!!) and they’ll try to lift your spirits when you’re not doing so good.

Team treasuries are like small “thank you”s for all that support. This time around, here’s my “thank you” treasury for the “Let’s support and promote each other team!” 

colorful etsy team products

Three lovely members of this awesome team have featured our gray, white or kraft cube boxes and our pyramid favor boxes in their treasuries today. Enjoy!

gray cube boxes

Curator: Shelley from ShelleysCrochetOle Thank you, Shelley!

pyramid favor boxes

Curator: Cyndee Hayes from cjscraftycorner2 Thank you, Cyndee!

pyramid favor boxes

Curator: Christine Davies from teenishandknits Thank you, Christine!

Funky Box Studio wishes you a colorful day!

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6 thoughts on “[Etsy Treasury] Etsy team “Let’s support and promote each other” bundle of treasuries

  1. Love it! How did you post a treasury on your blog? I’ve never done that before nor do I know how. You might already know this but if not… here is a wonderful link to post treasuries on Pinterest – treasurypin.com/

    • I’m glad you like it! 🙂 Actually i didn’t post them directly, i have no idea how or if it’s possible on free wordpress. I just hit the print screen button and edit it in paint, then post the photo here. :)) I didn’t know about treasurypin.com! Thank you so much!!

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