[Etsy Treasury] My heart is gold – heart die cuts

Our heart die cuts are featured in this lovely Etsy treasury today:

etsy treasury

Curator: Annette da Costa Reis

For some reason, ever since i started using Etsy and creating treasuries, i’ve been very picky. There are so many beautiful items, so many lovely shops and so many wonderful people that i start being even more self-exigent! Oh yes, i am being picky when it comes to my own shop, but most of all when it comes to photos. I’m doing my best to capture and convey the real and actual appearance of our paper goodies and it gives me such joy to see our items in treasuries! That means that my effort is appeciated and the items are well liked! 

All that brings us to the beautiful Etsy treasury above. It has such lovely shades and lovely items all together; it has a certain flow that makes you think that all the items there are part of a certain category. Hehe! Actually i think this has got to be the treasury with the most interesting items i’ve ever been featured in. Thank you, Annette!

Funky Box Studio wishes you a colorful day!

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